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Sentiment Check

Two years into NFTs, what’s next ?

I used to write things over here about Theta NFTs. Have not been lately — because look at this market.

Never in my life, have I seen a community go faster from Christmas morning to a funeral.

Grinding lower and lower.

There’s blood in the streets.

This is what life looks like on the periphery. Alone in our offices with our fledgling NFTs.

To be fair, ThetaDrop collections have outperformed the broader NFT market.

And the normcore still does not understand the value proposition of NFTs.

Meanwhile for us, it’s been a full two years of trading, flipping and/or building a portfolio. Along the way, learning lessons of how to navigate these digital collectibles.

I’ll forever believe that “collectibles” is the key word — and longer timelines are crucial to achieve full value.

The longer this preamble of Web3 goes on, the more clear it seems that: the older and more fabled the Token, the better.

Sure, there is easy alpha to be gained on the new shit.

But look.

What’s the bull thesis here? THETA becomes a top 10 coin. Where does this push TFUEL; top 50?

Ok, if we are living in that reality: how coveted do these early Theta NFT’s become?

Everyone wants a piece of history. The first/early edition anything.

I’ll die on this hill saying that Hinse’s are the most undervalued NFT on the marketplace.

“Be greedy when others are fearful.”

Warren Buffett

Mitch Liu was very frank in last week’s AMA:

“ThetaDrop has always been and will always be very, very strategic for us”

“Personally, I believe in the technology behind NFT’s — they may change the shape or form [whether it goes more towards utility side of things or whether it morphs into something else] but the concept behind these digitally unique non-fungible tokens is really here to stay.”

Mitch went on to explain that the bear market in crypto is contributing to the current lack of trading volume on ThetaDrop. Following up with the bold proclamation:

“But mark my words: when we’re getting to the next bull market — I think NFT trading and sales will eclipse what we saw in this last round.”

Mitch Liu, CEO

The near future looks bright, as Theta announced this week a deeper partnership with POG®.

From the sentiment check on Twitter, the drop on Friday looks to already be oversubscribed.

The sneaky upside is that POG® already has an established SOL and ETH community that appears to be chomping at the bit for these redeemable POGs.

The Solana POG® NFT’s are the ones that can be staked for POG coin. A natural transition, bringing crypto natives from SOL to THETA’s newest subchain.

POG recognizes the capability of Theta for Media + Video and seems to have chosen Theta to build their infrastructure.

Let’s go.

What’s the moral of the story?

Great things take time to create.

Blockchain is the word.

Don’t get caught up in the hype. While RFK Jr is announcing a potential Bitcoin standard and people are begging for the bull market to return…

Keep in mind, Wall Street has just added BlackRock, Fidelity & 6 other Spot #Bitcoin ETF applicants to the Federal Register.

Is it bullish or bearish short-term?

You decide.

For sure the bull will run again, within 12 months.

Stay patient and good trading.