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Theta Frogs

What’s your favorite type of frog?

Score: 85

Rating: Hold

Pure pop-culture nostalgia NFT’s. Riding the wave of both Kermit and Pepe?

Over the past five months, Just Weird TV has released a collection of 5,000 Theta Frog NFT’s of various rarities and the market has gobbled them up. With a top sale of $10,000 — it’s quickly become a strong project, mirroring the Cinderella story of Battle Pugs.

Just Weird TV along with HGH and JoeyTV are three of’s ambassadors. Their deeper understanding of the NFT space and how Theta plans to unleash this platform has given them the ability to be a step ahead of the curve. All three projects have proven adept at providing strong value to investors.

Airdrops have been consistent, demand has been strong. There has also been a recent reveal of the Road [Toad] Map on the newly launched Merch store, ThetaPass integration and further airdrops have been spelled out. As well, we see mention of a ThetaFrogs game in Chapter III of the map.

It is a point that will be hammered home consistently on this website — crypto games are a massive, massive opportunity in the NFT space. Justin Kan, founder of Twitch and current advisor with Theta Labs, puts it this way: “Gaming NFT’s will be bigger than Twitch.” The new business model of Web3 gaming that features NFT integration is where the gaming industry is headed.

Will the Theta Frogs game be a success? It could very well be. What tips the scales for us is that Just Weird TV is a ambassador, with the ability to draw on the experience the team can provide. We view both Frogs and Pugs in this same light. There is every reason to think that both these projects will perform very well as the later stages of their Road Maps come into view.

Theta Frogs

TypeVarious Rarity
Drop Date10/21
Mint Price$20 – $50
Top Sale$10,000