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Symbiote Creatives

Score: 93

Rating: Hold

Few projects on ThetaDrop have received more support and garnered more excitement from the community than Ivory Jones’ Thetaverse project.

The in-development game dubbed Colossus has the feel of a bigger-budget gaming studio title. But, it is firmly a crowd-funded, community driven crypto P2E game. Market action of the Symbiote NFT’s are performing extremely well alongside other blue chip projects on ThetaDrop.

Colossus also recently placed third in Theta’s Q1 hackathon — bringing forth a concept called VROA [Visual Representation of Accomplishment] — whereby an NFT’s value is based off accomplishment achieved during the game. Support from Theta Labs is a good indication where this project is likely headed.

Let’s start with the eye candy. Ivory is an accomplished VFX artist with twenty years experience. And Colossus is stunning.

The visuals are dark and dystopic, yet crisp. The character’s orange skin pops against the backdrop of an apocalyptic city of decay. Movements are smooth and the environment seems to compel the player towards exploration. Watching the short clip, I want to see what’s around the next corner.

You can also download and play a demo of the game in it’s current form here:

In terms of structure, the roadmap has both a single-player story-driven NFT P2E game, as well as a multiplayer VROA NFT P2E game in the pipeline.

Players will need to own an NFT to access the game and that NFT will be your character. As users upgrade their character or complete accomplishments, their NFT is also upgraded and representative of those achievements in the marketplace — raising it’s value.

Each of the NFTs available from the Mystery Vault (Collision, ArciTect, Synergy & Fuse) will be able to access the single player campaign.

These same NFTs will be allowed to go through a morphing process to become a ‘Hybrid Fuse’ that will offer playability in the Multi player campaign. Once morphed they can no longer access the Single player campaign.

This is a robust project. Many moving pieces. High-level graphics. Hopefully well-thought out P2E rewards. You are best to join the army at Symbiotes Public Discord to have a look around. The private Thetaverse Syndicate Discord is where most of the action is happening today — but you’ll need a Symbiote NFT to enter there.

Additionally, plans are in the works for a DAO, staking features and a ‘rewards pool’. As if this project needed more layers to it…

It seems clear that Ivory is pulling out all the stops. And market action on these NFT’s has been reflective of that commitment. People are excited.

The timeline for development is stretched for some investors, but this is also realistic for a game of this depth. Great things take time to create.

We think it’s fair to say that the massive X-factor among all features will be gameplay.

Gameplay has always been the make-or-break aspect of any video game. Good gameplay can overcome weak graphics. In this case, we know the graphics are top-notch.

But if the gameplay can match the visuals — if the incentivization to play and earn is well executed — this could potentially be a Theta classic. And hopefully the beginnings of bigger budget P2E games on Theta Network.