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A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

Score: 89

Some of the greatest albums recorded don’t always immediately grab you. Repeated listens are needed to appreciate the subtleties and depth. To put it simply, cosmographia is ThetaDrop’s Kid A or The Wall.

While most of the projects on ThetaDrop are ‘pop art,’ cosmographia run the opposite direction — eschewing bright, vivid, clean lines — for instead: a dark, murky, less-instant affair.

Enlisting the assistance of A.I. technology, Cosmographia’s process produces truly unique imagery. Some beautiful, some ugly, most somewhere right in between. There’s a lot of grey area here and the value of each 1/1 NFT depends mostly on the imagination of the viewer. The art’s subjectivity makes it a challenge for some investors.

While the art is at times stunning, our hesitation is more a product of the haphazard approach that cosmo has taken since the drop. There has been a some confusion surrounding the project. Announcements are made, only to be later walked-back. Airdrops announced and then canceled. It’s tricky business because investors are making purchases based off what is being announced — and then left stuck, if just temporarily.

Perhaps as an admittance of this shortcoming — Cosmo has recently brought on the help of Eddie Lee [@eddietree] to lead the roadmap and future developments. There has since been a discord Q+A session that has ironed out some of the details about the roadmap. Yet, still more work needs to be done.

Update 3/24/22: A Cyberpunk Kingdom website has been published: — featuring a leaderboard of points accrued through owning multiple cosmographia assets. Links show coming ThetaPass integration with a Governance voting platform — voting power reflective of a users accumulated ELO points.

Two additional drops have occurred since the Animal Kingdom — CosmographiaValentines and Christmas drops. The latter of which was by far the highest mint price yet to appear on ThetaDrop at $500. The development and utility of these NFT’s have also been shrouded in mystery. Future airdrops are potentially on the horizon for the both collections.

Overall, the art is grade AA+ quality. The development and utility needs more clarity. The price points don’t match the current state of affairs. Will there be a renaissance for Cosmographia? Could these finer art 1/1 collections reach higher heights than say Pineapples? Possibly. All in all, the Cyberpunk Kingdom is uniquely positioned to appeal to a more niche audience — which could find love and investment once the details get worked out. Long-term bullish on the project. Short-term, we will find out more as the map develops.

Cyberpunk Kingdom

TypeAll unique 1/1
Drop Date10/21
Mint Price$150
Top Sale$6,500 ($10,000 pack)

Cosmographia Christmas

TypeAll unique 1/1
Drop Date12/21
Mint Price$500
Top Sale$2,525

Cosmographia Valentines

TypeAll unique 1/1
Drop Date2/22
Mint Price$100