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World Poker Tour

Score: 87

Rating: Hold

In business, it’s often better not to be “first to market.”

Allowing a competitor to take the early hits and prime the market can provide a major advantage for coming out on top.

World Poker Tour was first to market, as the inaugural ThetaDrop partnership back in April of 2021.

As more robust utility NFT’s have arrived on ThetaDrop, WPT’s NFT’s have slowly fallen out of favor.

Well. Today, it all changed.

The Roadmap has been updated — and it’s a doozy.

Let’s not bury the lead — The Mitch Liu signed Golden Poker Chip now has a full suite of utility offerings. Airdrops, private Discord and access to CLUBWPT (a $25/mo value).

The Golden Chip also allows entry into a Live Event in Las Vegas. (To be held at Resorts World??)

Additionally, WPT My Challenges are now active. Completing a challenge gives the reward of an x/500 Black Theta Chip. They are calling this the “Rewards” chip.

All in all, this goes to show the power of utility NFT’s. It shows how an undervalued NFT can quickly heel-turn — becoming something more special.

Overdelivering has become THE consistent theme on ThetaDrop. Early adopters that commit to HODL’ing are rewarded. Time and time again. It really cannot be overstated.

Patience is the key to the lock. It doesn’t matter which NFT you are holding. In time, it seems always to come back around.

WPT is ramping up their Web3 gaming in a major way.

Gamavrs is another WPT affiliated gambling site that is taking to the metaverse. Gamavrs will have integration with WPT Global — which is a real money poker platform. Unfortunately, WPT Global is only available in select countries and not the USA — whilst CLUBWPT is more friendly stateside as it exists under sweepstakes law and not gambling.

The interoperability of these platforms and the role of ThetaDrop NFT’s on either site is something we will be watching for.

This recent push towards Web3 makes us wonder if CLUBWPT isn’t due for a major facelift. Will CLUBWPT also be utilizing NFT avatars in the future?

Lastly, WPT has recently announced a partnership with Brad Owen — the king of Poker vlogs. The World Poker Tour is stretching it’s wings — and it’s encouraging to see.

“WPT is really the most reputable brand in Poker — and their plans for the future really sold me on the company.”

Brad Owen