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It’s probably my favorite animal. It defends itself with its growing skills in the field of magic.

Score: 94

Rating: Outperform

“The metaverse as we understand it today will unleash a world within our world where anything is possible. Whatever you can dream, you can create. It’s going to be evolving as we get more and more people involved, but in a nutshell it’s really the art of the possible for a community.”

– Justin Trevor Winters, CEO of Verified Labs

Successful projects have one thing in common: community. Building a genuine community is what harnesses the ‘word-of-mouth’ spread of anything: be that a brand, a pub, a book club or in this case an NFT drop. This is why it’s so encouraging to see the progress made by The Order of the Tigons [OOTT]. While many NFT projects (with a celebrity like Jon Heder at the helm) might be tempted to just churn out some .jpegs; do a quick sale and take the money and run… OOTT is proving to be invested for the long-run.

Of all the projects on TDrop, Tigons have shown to be the most boundary-pushing. Metaverse integration is already in the works. Verified Labs has purchased land in The Sandbox where Tigons will be able to hang out [staked] in the Sanctuary. Integration with Metaverse Dapps (games) is on the horizon. Airdrops have also been a success — drawing deeper investment by whales. ThetaPass integration was immediately available.

It is notable that the OOTT is the flagship, maiden voyage for Verified Labs — a company that would really like a ‘proof-of-concept’ to develop additional NFT projects in the future. Being so vested, VF is likely to go to great lengths to see this become a success.

We saw this attention to detail from the start. With an initial mint price of $199, the Tigon drop went well, but struggled to sell the total 7,777 NFT’s that were available. Rather than milk the sale for the full 24 hours, Verified Labs chose to pull the remaining inventory — putting the total editions at 4,577. It’s a strong indication that they prefer quality over quantity. It is not a money grab. This is business done the right way.

Napoleon Dynamite is a cult classic of films — a quirky American indie film that overdelivered in a big way. With a budget of just $400,000, Napoleon Dynamite went on to gross over $46 million in box office revenue. Could a similar fate befall investors in the OOTT? All signs point toward: definitely, yes.

Update 3/29: Fully solidifying their commitment to the Theta blockchain, the Order of the Tigons launched a Theta Validator Node.

Order of the Tigons

The Order of the Tigons

TypeAll unique 1/1
Drop Date2/21
Mint Price$199
Top Sale$5,000