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The Passaways

Interdimensional Beings

Score: 91

Rating: Hold

Passaways creator, Mike, is a Creative Director with experience working with Madison Avenue level clients such as Ogilvy and BBDO New York. His pedigree is obvious — The Passaways Drops has proven to be one of most immaculate projects to hit ThetaDrop. The collection of 9,666 generative NFT’s sold out in hours. With a mint price of $199 — floor prices have ranged from $200 to it’s current level around $330. Edition #1 sold for $18,000 on February 6, 2022.

Airdrops have been numerous and rewards for staking are on the horizon. The Passaways Twitter account is active and fully transparent. Like Pineapples, Intellectual Property (IP) usage rights are included in ownership.

In general, investors have been somewhat less eager to shell-out for the Passaways. Price action has been stable, with crests appearing around airdrop incentivization’s.

Update 3/24: The Passaways have revealed a new feature on ThetaDrop called “My Challenges.” Traders can earn NFT badges by holding a certain amount of Passaways with specific characteristics. A positive development for the platform that we look forward to seeking be utilized by more projects. All in all, this has encouraged whale accumulation while also providing liquidity to the market. Excellent development.

(Mainly a result of endless Challenges — floor price of Passaways has doubled in the past month from $200 to $400.)

With a glance to the future: Passaways will be incorprating a “Transphorm” and “Formulate” option — perhaps similar to what the BAYC offered with it’s mutant serum. Presumably, each NFT will be a key to unlock playing The Passaways P2E $PLASM game in the future. Much like Pugs and Frogs — it is our opinion — that this game and metaverse integration could be crucial to driving future price action on the Passaways collection. And as evidenced by the creator’s attention to detail — we expect this to be well executed.


Drop Date11/21
Top Sale$18,000