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The god of trading, who knows and monitors everything at once

Score: 77

Rating: Hold

Once a darling of ThetaDrop, could Synopsis cards become a prime example of oversaturation in the market?

The Synopsis digital cards will forever be the first iteration of NFT’s utilizing ThetaPass — a worthy achievement, assuming there is a global adoption yet to come. Price action on this series has proven stable over time. Synopsis cards showcased their utility by allowing premium access into Synopsis conferences. But that itself has not driven much demand, because it mattered not whether you held a $2,000 Legendary or a $2 Common.

What more do we know about these cards? Well, there’s always the potential future uses of ThetaPass. Their utility could be leveraged by more than one of the stakeholders whose images reflect on the cards (Coindar, Bingbon, Arpa, Colibri Group, et al.)

On the DL, a slowly forming company named TradeGO seems to have a use-case for these cards. TradeGO is positioning itself as a trading-battle game. The autistic Degen’s that we are — a game of that style is appealing. But the details are thin — the Road Map indicates a launch date of Q4 2022 for their App.

Importantly: what role will these cards play in the game? Will it be required that you have one, two, twenty cards? This kind of grey area makes it trickier to invest with conviction. Looking at the staggering amounts that people paid for first and last editions of these trading cards — leaves us wondering if these traders could be left holding the bag.

As for now, Synopsis Trading cards sit in a strange territory — potentially utilized by a slew of organizations. But without any concrete plans — your guess is as good as mine. For now, the lower priced cards remain good value and useful when trying to accumulate TDROP rewards.

Synopsis Trading Cards | Web3 Series

TypeVarious Rarity
Drop Date1/22
Mint Price$50

Synopsis Trading Cards | Series 1 and 2

TypeVarious Rarity
Drop Date10/21
Mint Price$20
Top Sale$9,747