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Pineapple Society

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Since it’s debut in November 2021, the Secret Pineapple Society (SPS) has occupied the pole position on the TDrop leaderboard. It continues to hold eight of the top ten sales on the site — becoming far and away, the blue chip NFT on the platform. Pineapple floor prices have ranged from $1,000 at their peak in late 2021 to around $700 in March 2022. On the high end — custom Pineapple sales have reached $58,000. This search for the “golden goose” has contributed to it’s container price maintaining between $1,500 – 2,000 price tag. As of today — around 1500 containers remain unopened. You can find the most current container information at

As the drop unfolded, DREADED.D2 was posting updates on the market action — the video here gives a great snapshot of the market back in November 2021.

The mania has since quieted. And as other NFT’s have been released on TDrop, liquidity has flowed out of the SPS project. Most will agree this is a temporary correction in the market as the impatient sell into weakness. Time will tell — but the floor Pineapple remains one of the most liquid asset on TDrop. Buyer’s are ready to pounce.

Surprise Airdrops have been occurring around major holidays — where owning a pineapple with a specific attribute enters you into a random drawing. Utilizing ThetaPass, Pineapple holders have gained entry into a private Discord which has allowed them to participate in Pine Games — where the winner received a custom Pineapple.

Phase Three of the roadmap is where things really take off — as NFT staking will take form and reward stakers with a TNT-20 token yet to be announced. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to vote of future member benefits. And lastly, game integrations are in the plans.

As the blue chip NFT on TDrop — SPS has the most potential to see celebrity custom Pineapples be released in the future. For example, a Theta partner such as Katy Perry could have a custom Pineapple made in her image. The impact on the market would be significant. It is in our opinion that this — or something similar — will occur.

And in terms of speculation — this will be a consistent refrain throughout the website — Theta Labs has yet to really “flip the switch” on unlocking the potential crowd-swell on ThetaDrop. The timing of a major push like this is unknown — but it is an inevitability. HODL Pines.

Update: Underweight pines as of 4/24 as the floor price has gotten overextended reaching $600 above mint price. It’s not popular to be bearish Pines, but this isn’t the moment to get involved. Be patient.

Secret Pineapple Society

Drop Date11/21
Top Sale$58,000