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Imaginary Friends

Never mistake being nice for being weak

Score: 57

Rating: Hold

So much in life is about timing. Sometimes the timing is good, and other times; it’s just downright terribly unlucky. Little did the team at Imaginary Friends Co. think that they’re drop would be mired in the backdrop war breaking out in Europe. But, that’s the way it goes. Crypto market faith was shaken. And with NFT’s already being pretty far on the risk curve — this wasn’t an ideal timing for a drop.

Geopolitics aside, Imaginary Friends NFTs sit in a somewhat vague terrain. Cute and cuddly, the characters seem to appeal to a wholesome younger age bracket. Yet, the friends also indulge in freshly rolled joints and 40oz’s of beer. There are calls of appeal to nostalgia with GameBoys and Vans sneakers, skateboards and Walkmen. In the end, the art just hasn’t seen strong response from ThetaDrop users. In the end, the market has found a $45 floor price — on an NFT that cost $111 with around 2,000 editions.

All FUD aside, upside is intact. Initial drops are a small part of what makes an NFT project successful. The real work is in the utility. Can Imaginary Friends garner community support? With only 2,000 editions, their task is not so daunting.

The Road Map is clear — yet slightly underwhelming. Exclusive Discord, surprise airdrops and an obligatory merch store. Struggling to find value here — but with these things; you never know. There’s always potential. Exactly how this road map develops will seal the fate of the project. At it’s current floor price, it’s not a bad deal. Dig deep in their Discord and Twitter, maybe there are gems to be found.

Imaginary Friends Co.

TypeAll unique 1/1
Drop Date3/21
Mint Price$222
Top Sale$2,222