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Cyko Headz

Voyage to Planet Theta!

Score: 86

Rating: Hold streamer and creator of Cyko KO! comic books, Rob Feldman returns to TDrop with a more robust generative project called Cyko Headz.

“When you read a comic book, there’s a space between what’s happening on the panel and what you have to literally see in your mind. That’s not true of movies, where you see everything.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates

When investing in NFT’s — one has to fill in the blanks themselves. By looking at a creator’s body of work, investors extrapolate the potential success and possible returns on their investment. Does the creator put in the work; what’s the vision; is the art appealing and have good variety; how collectible are these? For Rob Feldman, we answer yes to all these questions.

A glance at the Cyko Headz Road Map reveals a solid framework: NFT staking, IP usage rights and game integrations. As mentioned in other reviews, Web3 crypto games offer a potentially massive upside. Being so closely associated with Theta Labs, we think there is a high probability that a Cyko Headz game could be successful. Rob’s illustrations are bright, clean and easy on the eyes. Imagining his illustrations as graphics for a P2E crypto game isn’t difficult to do.

Price action has been stable — with buyers pouncing on anything significantly under mint price. Cyko Headz shares many traits with the blue chip king of TDrop: Pineapple Society — both a generative, one-of-a-kind NFT collection with good variety and a clear rarity system. Is it a diss to call the Headz a modest man’s SPS? We think it’s a compliment. With a top sale of 6X mint price or $340 — traders definitely believe. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Investors may very well be rewarded long-term as the road map comes into form.

ThetaDrop is building for sustainability and continued relevancy in the new utility-driven NFT future and Rob is a part of that growth. Here’s what the lord of utility NFT’s, Gary Vaynerchuk said recently about the turning of the tides in the space:

“Right now, we’re in a very interesting time in the NFT space. With an oversupply of junk projects — we’re starting to get to that next stage of NFT land. What we’re seeing now is that people are starting to be more thoughtful. People are really starting to think. We’ve just exited the era of 2021 — of collectability only — or 99% collectability with a hint of utility. I think over the next 24-48 months, you’ll see a shift in NFT land where it will be predominantly focusing on utility with a hint of collectability.”

It’s all about community. This is what Theta Labs is striving for — both through and ThetaDrop. Looking at Rob’s skill as an animator, his output, attention to detail and responsiveness on social media — we see a hard-working artist that will likely find the paths to success in this burgeoning utility-driven NFT space.

Cyko Headz

TypeGenerative 1/1’s
Drop Date3/21
Mint Price$50