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American Idol

ThetaDrop Goes Mainstream 2.0

Just weeks ago, we wrote a cutting commentary on Katy Perry’s first two NFT drops – concluding that NFT’s were not quite ready to go mainstream.

Well, here we go again…

Call us naïve, but maybe it’s different this time.

Fans of American Idol become very passionate about certain performers on the show. And now, with NFT’s — the audience has the ability to put their money where their heart is.

By purchasing NFT’s, people can essentially invest and bet on their favorite performers.

Why not? People bet on horses. People bet on meme coins. People bet on the length of National Anthems at the Super Bowl. Why not bet on a singer?

It sounds extremely promising. It sounds extremely fun.

It’s fairly cut and dry. Mainstream NFT’s with utility. Nice Airdrop challenges to keep users engaged…

Either way it turns out – it’s a quick temperature check to see how ready Americans are for their Web3 future. 

Some speculative questions:

How much airtime will ThetaDrop receive during the broadcast? Certainly some. Update: Disney/ABC is not associated with the NFT’s. This leads us to speculate — is it possible Theta Labs purchased a 15 second commercial to be aired during the Idol broadcast? Wes Levitt stated at the end of 2021 that a marketing campaign was coming and that he thought people would be happy with it… Maybe this is it?

American Idol is currently the property of ABC – which is owned by The Walt Disney Company – is this the beginning of something larger for Theta Labs?

With American Idol fans potentially adopting ThetaDrop – is it safe to assume Katy Perry NFT’s will catch a bid?

Will we see the BETA addendum to ThetaDrop be removed before the AI Drop?

$TDROP is the reward of choice for the challenges — is there a bullish sentiment forming for the freshest Theta coin? You love to see TDROP leveraged this way and the VIP Bronze award after week four of the contest is a hefty prize.

All in all, I’m not sure what more anybody could ask for. This is marquee billing for an up-and-coming network with a very ready and capable NFT platform. This could convert many new fans to the platform and introduce more people to the Theta Ecosystem.

Theta Labs has maintained from the start a squeaky clean image that was always geared for mainstream America. Katy Perry drops were not the answer, but this partnership with American Idol could be a huge step towards Global Adoption.