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Allies or Enemies?

A Twitter debate engulfed the Theta community this morning.

The question many pineapple people had was: why are we giving Pineapples away for free? Why is SPS making the rich, richer? Surely, Deguard can afford to buy himself a Pineapple?

The operative world here is “we.” Because, in reality, The SPS is the Rare Robot’s project. He has 200 pineapples to use as marketing tools, and that was made clear from the jump.

That said, I genuinely believe the complaints are valid in some ways. Maybe the solution would be to make this arrangement slightly less public. I don’t know. I’m not the judge and jury of this debate.

In the end, I think it speaks to a much larger issue in the world right now — which is living in this strange, strange era.

Everyone is divided over seemingly everything. And rightfully so. No matter which media we consume, the overarching message is that the other 50% of the population is wrong and evil. Which is completely by design. They are keeping us distracted and focused on in-fighting.

The truth of the matter is that we’re living through the end of the biggest lie ever told.

The printing presses of fiat currencies have brought us to this uniquely volatile breaking point.

The Federal Reserve is enemy #1 through #1,000,000.

The actions of the Fed has enriched the rich, well beyond their wildest dreams. The cracks are showing. People know something is amiss, yet can’t quite put their finger on why they’re feeling frustrated about nearly everything.

It’s why many of us are in the crypto space to begin with. Fiat currencies need to go away. Many see crypto as a possible solution to the madness.

Wages aren’t keeping up with costs of living. And our genius investments aren’t coming to fruition in the timetable that we had envisioned.

All in all, it’s a recipe for general crankiness.

And so, seen in this light — it comes as little surprise that people would be slightly salty when a Pineapple giveaway gets trotted out — given to a whale that can probably easily afford the dopest Pineapple in the grove.

Totally get it. Valid points.

But patience is the key element that we need to exercise. Because, one pineapple out of 8,888 isn’t going to move markets.

In the end, with this devoted community, with the moves being made by ThetaDrop — we should all rest easy. Brighter days are ahead. And there is plenty to go around.

Deguard — from what we’ve seen — has been an asset to the Theta Ecosystem. A lot people in the community are making nice coin by staking in the GPOOL LP. I’m not one of them — but it’s been really good for some folks.

What the Rare Robot chooses to do, it’s his thing. It’s his baby.

I’m along for the ride. Secret Pineapples are going to moon one day. ThetaDrop is going to be a household name one day soon. You could literally throw a dart at the wall picking NFT’s to purchase on this platform and probably come out minted on the other side.

We have all got a lot in common here.

Yes, the Theta community is a cross roads for many different opinions. The ties that bind is a tech company based in San Jose, California that we all unanimously believe is going places.

It’s not the deepest alliance. We are foremost here to make money. Surely no one would be starting Twitter wars if Theta was mooning right now. But we know that day will come.

So be patient, keep listening to each other. We are all expressing something real — there’s confusion and frustration. Push past the noise — keep in mind who the real enemy is. Because in the time to come, our fellow Thetan investors will be excellent allies to have on the team.